Sunday, November 11, 2007

For Grandma Peanut!

Thanks for the CUTE dresses! Its quite the accomplishment to get a good picture of the both of them! But the out takes are sooo funny! They are precious and hilarious!


And here is a silly one Ryan took of her tonight- she did this all onher own, thought it was funny to do what the turkey was doing! :) (She has her bike helmet on!!! )

Saturday, August 11, 2007

All We Need Is Help

See HERE please! The beauty is we're not asking for donations, any items of clothing or household appliances you may no longer need, OR aluminum cans. We just need your time and skills.

Sunday, July 29, 2007

Rainy Rockies

Ryan's work got everyone and their family Rockies tickets for this weekend's game against the Dodgers. We were EXCITED!!! FREE TICKETS, and not rock pile tickets either!!!

Yeah it rained.

It rained hard.

But being the ever optimists we still headed for the train station and went downtown. We did hear on the radio that the game was never started, but GREAT, we were already like an hour late so ha ha ha everyone that shows up on time, WE were still going to make it, I mean it was barely sprinkling.

So we take the train, oh how we love mass transportation! It reminded me so much of England it was freaking me out! I was actually feeling homesick (My emotion of choice for the three months we lived there)! Then I felt like Harry Potter, well not like I was him, but that I was cool and he really really liked me because I was riding on a train. (yeah I'm crazy!).

Soooo, we make it downtown and masses of people are heading for the train...hmmmm... no it couldn't be. We ask someone, they say the game was called. No we push on, not believing we paid $11 to ride a train for nothing. Its the Rockies, they can handle rain, right?

Apparently not.

So we headed back for the train and chucked it up to something better to do than sitting at home.

Man if the girls weren't with us we kept thinking of all the fun things we would do downtown in the rain. How romantic. But the girls were with us, and instead of romance we got lots of laughs.

Anyway Colorado still rules!

Monday, July 09, 2007


So I think the Colorado Cool Cats should be ending. I have thought this for a while. We started this to chronicle our Colorado Adventure and I think we have done a great job. I am now completely addicted to blogging and can't stop, no matter how many times Blogger tries to sabotage me. So I have a new blog here! It is going to be private, I have put the addresses in that I know, but it isn't a huge list. If you're not sent there, just email me and I will add your name right away, because as sad as it is, I live for comments.
And who knows maybe I'll post here every now and then. Everyone has a bunch of blogs right? Yeah that and really cool headers that I wish I had. One step at a time!


I am OCD.
Blogger knows this and hates me.
It will not let me title my blogs anymore and due to my OCD, I am finding it very hard to blog. What am I going to do? I even started a new blog in hopes of tricking Blogger, but the Blogger can not be fooled. It will not allow titles there either! SAD!
I know you want to know about the fresh CO peaches I got today, the 11 tomatoes growing in my garden, and all about my talk in church yesterday, but without a title I just don't think I can blog.
Yes I have checked my title bar settings and it is set to YES, I WANT A TITLE. But again, the Blogger's vengeance is all encompassing and it does not care about settings. I am scared, what's next, no spell check???? That would completely do me in.

Thursday, July 05, 2007

God Bless....

1. MY CUTE PATRIOTIC GIRLS! Can I just say I love dressing them up! Yeah you see right, Julia's sporting a side ponytail, she's AWESOME! And Lulu really liked that she had a "Fie cacka" on her shirt!

2. PF Changs for giving us one of the best lunches I have ever had in my life! We ate out on the patio (which I LOVE doing), the food was amazing, the girls were perfect, and the conversation with my BEST FRIEND was wonderful- lots of laughs!!

3. The freedom to change our minds one hundred million thousand billion times. Do we want to move from Castle Rock? (Currently voted one of the TOP 10 BEST places to live in America by Family Circle magazine!!)??? We talked a lot about our options, and we just know we'd be leaving A LOT if we left for Ryan to go to school. He's going to look into a few different jobs for a little more here. We're just praying to follow the Lord's direction on this one.

4. Harry Potter. I finished reading the 6th book for a second time, to brush up on the story line in anticipation for book 7! TWO WEEKS BABY! I am completely obsessed with this book. I love Harry Potter and seriously want to be a witch. The church would have no problem with that statement right?

5. Free 4th Festivals, but better yet, being local and knowing better. See we went to check out the festival our top 10 city put on, ummmmm, a couple jumpy houses and some FREAKY entertainment sums it up. (Pictured is the SCARY weirdo playing his bell contraption. It was a piano that sounds like doorbells. WHY oh WHY was he wearing a mask?? Ryan and I couldn't stop laughing. Even more disturbing than phantom bell guy was the complete interest of our fellow Castle Rockians. WHAT?)
The 45minute+ firework extravaganza was sweet, but our girls were fading so we headed to the car early- good thing! There were thousands of people OUTSIDE the fair grounds. SMART people, that's what we'll do next year. The girls loved the fireworks and we had a great evening.

6. Sparklers at home. There really isn't anything more 4th of Julyish than that. Although I did miss having a BBQ!

Sunday, July 01, 2007

Crayons and Camping

We made some wicked cool crayons Thursday. It was a fun EASY project, the best part was watching them melt. Well Julia also really liked taking the cupcake wrappers off them too.

We went camping Friday and it was really fun. The best part was watching the girls have a camping experience. Julia LOVES to camp, she said so all night long. Lauren was awesome, camping agrees with her too. Poor thing had to share a sleeping bag with me and this for a girl who does not like to be covered up, it was challenging, but she only woke up once, although the whole camp knew she was up, we were both pretty agitated.
I LOVED making Hawaiian haystacks for dinner- they are THE best and we only have then when camping so its a cool little tradition we started last year. The girls eat them up which is also why I love them.

There was some SCARY lightening for about 20 minutes so we made sure to roast our marshmallows and head for bed. So glad it didn't storm!!!

Jules Bean

"Tell me how you got hurt when you were my age". This is what is said after EVERY boo-boo she gets. Scrapes, bug bites, scratches, aches, splinters, anything is cured by telling her of my own heroic childhood survival stories.
I can just picture 25 years from now, "Mom, tell me how it was when you were in labor."

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Happy Birthday Rebecca!!!

So my first best friend in Castle Rock, Rebecca Ann Carlton Jones, turned 26 today! Last year I dropped the ball, but we had barely known each other, right, right?, then again I am her Visiting Teacher so there is no excuse. This year though, I made it right.

I brought the troops over to her house and made her breakfast. It was super fun and she is the prettiest person I know, wakes up gorgeous, but maybe back when I was 26 it was that way too, Im just saying. We had pancakes and eggs and best of all, chit chat. Lovely morning!

For lunch Kristen joined us and we all ate some more! I LOVE birthdays, holidays, any day where there is lots of food! Boston Cream Pie (its really a cake... who knew?) was divine, thanks to Kristen throwing caution to the wind and not going by the high altitude instructions! WILD WOMAN.

Rebecca always always always makes me laugh, she defends TX til the end, loves BYU, and will not let me move from CO without a lot of lip (shoot me in the head)- HA I love that one the best! She doesn't think she is creative but she totally is- you should see her CUTE decorated house! She was even more excited than me to make jam and is the all time best stirrer. I love her to death and am so grateful for her friendship!

PS just so yall know, Pearl Harbor Day is December 7, just one of the MANY crazy dates she has memorized.

***(all "Rebecca famous" phrases are in red)